Why no Yangmei? Chinese Bayberry Questionable rant

I’d really like to try one of these fruit trees. They’re ridiculously expensive online (eBay which I question) if you can find them and the information seems all scrambled. I see people selling seeds and seedlings which I want neither of if I can’t get known variety scions to graft onto. Can you graft a male onto a female tree for pollination?
I know one guy that grows quite a few but he’s not offering any sources and all his trees are in ground. Does anyone offer these trees in the US? I can buy many tropical fruit trees even local but not these. If they’re that good why aren’t people selling trees?

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last year i participated in a group import and i successfully killed all the trees that i bought. a few weeks ago i connected with a local guy and he offered me scions of 3 named varieties. i grafted them onto myrica cerifera rootstock. hopefully they will take. i gave him some seedlings of parmentiera cereifera.

the more money that yangmeis sell for on ebay, the greater the incentive for more people to propagate and sell them.



Really Good Plants is run by Marta Matvienko in Davis, California. Marta is a geneticist and lifelong gardener. Our mission is to make uncommon fruiting plants available to gardeners.


Oh I missed that thanks Kris. Looks good and grafted is supposed to be the best to keep in containers from what I’ve read. I did ask Marta after I saw this site link her name and blog on their website but didn’t see that part on the Yangmei. These are for small seedlings I think so I wasn’t very interested in them. Wildlandplants

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