Why we can't buy good tomatoes :




I have seen those same tomatoes in the store—the ones under the sign that says “vine-ripened”


One time I went to the beach for a week and passed a good sized field of green tomatoes, then on the way back I swear the same field was full of dead looking plants with all red tomatoes. I think they must have been machine harvesting for processing or something, maybe sprayed them with ethepon?


Even with organic tomatoes, most are grown hydroponically with many shipped in from Mexico. They don’t taste any different than the conventional tomatoes…tasteless even if you are lucky to find a ripe one.


I don’t ever purchase tomatoes anymore. If I didn’t grow it, it’s not worth eating. Store bought tomatoes make food worse rather than better.


It is clear that they are a weapon, and can be used to hurt people if thrown with enough force. They should be illegal.


:slightly_smiling_face:One can easily purchase tomatoes from the shop but it is not that hard to grow tomatoes plant in the home itself. Green and red tomatoes, I think both have different taste.