Why would a young fig turn color early?

I have a Chicago Hardy that has put out about a dozen figs. Most are about the size of golf balls or smaller. One particular fig is very small yet it has turned purple in color. Way too early for ripening. It’s only about nickel - quarter sized. One of the smallest on the tree. You can see it in the center of the pic. Is it some type of desease?

The small size doesn’t mean it’s younger. Position means more, lower is older. They do sometimes turn early because of various issues like water stress. And those often fall off with poor quality.


Strangely, my in ground Hardy Chicago did not bear single fig this year despite pinching at 5-6 leaves :confused: . Plant grows very well otherwise.

Looks to be a breba (on last year’s growth). Harvest it when’s it’s ready. Some fig trees bear better brebas than others.

Clint that is not a breba. The photo is deceiving. There is a leaf node directly below the fig. All of that growth is this year’s growth. The tree was planted as a whip and you can see the top of the whip a few inches below the top of the bamboo support.

Excellent growth! The bottom figs ripen first for me. Enjoy!