Wickson Crabapple Pollinator?

Thanks to the generosity of the members of this forum, I’ll be growing some Wickson crabapples. Do I need a pollinator? Does it have to be another crabapple?

I have Anna, Dorsett Golden, Fuji, Red Fuji, Gala, and Pettingill nearby, not sure if those will pollinate it, if a pollinator is necessary.

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Yes you’ll need a pollinator. Wickson (midseason) will probably bloom right after Anna and Dorsett Golden. I think Fuji will be slightly late. Pettingill and Gala are probably going to be the best overlap.

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Not sure how reliable this list is as I’m pretty much a newbie at all this but Orange Pippin has a list of pollination partners. https://www.orangepippintrees.com/pollinationchecker.aspx?v=1593

@aheartforhome – Yes they have them placed into flowering groups, which are basically a time series 1=very early and 7= very late. If the blooms open at the same time then cross-pollination will happen, provided the variety isn’t pollen sterile (eg. Mutsu ). Pollen sterile varieties are also usually triploid in their genomics.


Thanks for the clarification on the flowering groups. That makes a lot more sense now.