Wild Apple Tree?

Can anyone tell me what this tree is? I just found it on my property and I’m pretty sure it’s an apple tree but not sure!


I have a lot of invasive pear trees that am practicing grafting on ( first time grafting) and I found this tree and I’m pretty sure it’s an apple of some kind because it has a compound bloom but it only has 5 flowers! King bloom and four more?


Looks like an apple but it may be a decorative kind or a crabapple. Most of the larger fruiting apples in my yard like macintosh, cortland, snow etc. have white blossoms in the spring. The pink blossoms are on the Selkirk, Brandywine & prairie fire crabapple trees. If it’s planted it will usually have just one trunk, wild apples may have two or three trunks at the bottom.

Yes it did have 4 or 5 trunks but I removed all but the biggest one today and tried to give it a clean up! Most of the tips of branches had 6 or 8 inches of die back on them, not sure why, but I removed it so hopefully it bounces back healthy.

Well if it is a crab, that’s not tasty, or a floral delight, you can always turn it into something harvestable with a few scions. That tree looks the perfect size for a makeover if the apple is not up to your taste.