Wild callery pear rootstocks


I counted three flower clusters!! I was very thankful for a gorgeous day to be out and peering up and around my tree and am so excited! It looks like the Ayers is both leafing out earlier and having flower buds before Moonglow. Is this expectable? If so, maybe the Moonglow will have a few flowers, too. My very untrained eye doesn’t understand the fruiting buds vs vegetative buds. Are the fruiting buds at an angle from the… limb(?) and the vegetative buds are in line with the limb? Thanks so much!


@ClothAnnie. I was looking at my Moonglow today and it is about to bloom (probably tomorrow). My Ayers started blooming about four days earlier. Hope this helps. Bill


Ayers is faster to fruit than moonglow and then sometimes takes a year off. They are medium sized pears that are melting, dripping , sugary sweet but have rare but occasional grit on the flesh next to the red blushed peel. When you see those leaves pop side ways it develops a bloom. You might like this thread Pear buds, blossoms, and fruit 2017. The best part they ripen on the tree and dont rot.


You will love this thread i think Pear trees that produce bushels of fruit and avoid disease. I take a different approach to growing pears than many others do. Anyway back to your question pear fruit buds look like the photo below so i know before the tree breaks dormancy what my pear crop is going to be. You could say pear fruit buds look like tiny little footballs

Then they look like this

Once the buds open then the blooms look like this

Then this

Then this

Then this

Then this

Finally they look like this

At the base of the flowers if they are pollinated properly and if the tree is ready and has plenty of nutrients and water the fruitlets will develop. Flowers will open full and Petals will fall leaving fruitlets forming

Once you look through this thread Pear buds, blossoms, and fruit 2017 you can spot the fruiting trees quickly like i did by your photo.


Great progression pics @clarkinks Very informative for anyone wanting to figure out about their pear trees and what is what :+1:


Got a bucket of wild pear today.


Awesome! What you gonna graft on to them? @Sparty


Depends what I get in the mail. I have ordered a bunch of euro pears, but I don’t know what will actually get shipped. If I can’t get scion this year, they’ll just go in the field for future grafting. I have a D’Anjou and Bartlett from a forum member but those will go on OHxF stock.