Wild Maine blueberry pie

You know what time it is!


Use Betty Crocker pie crust mix. Follow directions on the box.

Put lower portion of pie crust in bottom of 9-inch pie plate.

Formulate pie filling:

In mixing bowl put one half (0.5) cup of refined sugar.

Add one (1) tablespoon of cornstarch.

Add two (2) tablespoons of white flour.

Add two and a half (2.5) cups of lowbush blueberries. A frozen bag of Wyman’s brand is adequate if you don’t have fresh berries at hand.

Add two (2) tablespoons of freshly squeezed lime (or lemon) juice.

Add a pinch of cinnamon if you wish.

Stir filling with spoon until thoroughly mixed.

Scoop spoonfuls of filling onto the lower crust inside pie pan.

Put several small pats of butter on top of the filling, evenly spaced.

Add top layer of pie crust. Gently tamp or crimp edges of pie crusts together.

Decorate top of crust by puncturing vent holes or pretty designs with your butter knife.

Dab top of pie crust with milk, using fingers to gently rub this into the surface (this will make the pie turn golden brown after baking).

Wrap edges of crust with aluminum foil. Bake on middle rack in oven for twenty-five (25) minutes at 400 degrees F.

Remove aluminum foil. Bake another 20 mins.

Remove from oven. Let sit for at least several minutes to set.

Serve with a hot mug of strong dark-roast coffee.

A scoop of vanilla (or butter pecan) ice-cream may be added to your slice of pie.

I know a lot of Mainers have their various secret recipes for a superior blueberry pie. Becky’s Diner in Portland is the standard, and I can’t touch them. This recipe is my own-- compiled from various suggestions and influences. It makes a good pie. Perhaps not the best… but very good. I continue to tinker with it.

I defy you to make a pie for yourself!


Yum! :drooling_face:

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G.M. Allen’s in Blue Hill sells great lowbush blueberries. They ship.


Sweeet. My wife made some “black and blue” jelly this year, it’s been pretty good, I like it on my waffles with a bit of butter.

Didn’t you have any bloobs of your own to try out?

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Those could be some of my wild blueberries in that pie!!! Mine go to Wymans except for the ones we eat and keep for the freezer. Wymans frozen berries are in almost all supermarkets across the nation. The quality is excellent and the pies are to die for. I must have eaten near a million so I can tell you that is a good recipe. You will also be in antioxidant heaven. Bberry


No. My own bushes are not very productive yet.


Your bloobs were delicious, thank you.

Even my wife and kid each had a slice, and agree!


(My wife is originally from Maine-- a tough critic).


As a Mainer with wild bluebs in the field, I give this post an official stamp of approval!
Come pick your own up here next year…I really want to be featured in one of your orchard visits😉



If I ever plan to go “down east” again, I’ll be sure to look you up, thanks.

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here here! picked a lot of them when i first came out of the army down at cherryfield for Wymans! if you were short and fast , you could make $1000 a week. i was tall so id do $700. payed cash back then. was good money! loved camping out on Tunk lake when we were down there. hard to beat the taste of a wild Maine blueberry! i got about a doz. growing around my highbush blues. prefer their taste 3 to 1 over the highs.


Hi i am new to this page. But i saw you had visited cherryfeild i worked there few years ago. Have some good friends there now an fav place to get my blueberries! !!! For all my blueberry needs!


welcome Jesse! i too have friends down there mostly in Machias and M.D.I. love that part of Maine! great lobster , clams and blueberries! luckily all shop 'n saves carry Wymans berries so i don’t have to go there to get some. frozen of corse but i get my own fresh in season also.