Wild Muscadine gender

I have 2 mature male muscadine vines on my property. I know they are male because my local UGA ag extension guy helped me identify the flower structure. Obviously, they have never produced fruit. I need a female.

In the woods behind my house there are many young immature muscadines growing out of the forest floor everywhere.
Apart from the flower structure and fruiting, is there any other clue looking at a plant to guess if its male/female. I don’t want to waste years cultivating more wild males and I don’t really want to buy a cultivated female vine from a nursuryt(call me weird or stubbern- i like the wild fruit).

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Here is a panel showing all three types. Males and self-fertile will look very similar with upright stamen, except the self-fertile will also have an enlarged ovary. Females will have a large ovary, but the stamen will be recurved downward away from the ovary.

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Simplest way would be to find a female vine producing fruit and root a cutting from it. Other than that, about 60% of wild vines are male. You could move 10 small vines and plant them in 3 spots all together. When they fruit, remove the males.


I know the feeling.