Wild muscadines

We have thousands of wild muscadines growing here but most don’t ever fruit and if they do it would be a couple fruit per vine. This year they are loaded, don’t know why other than plenty of rain this year.


Looks like a bountiful harvest to be had! When luck is on your side guess it’s time to start feverishly picking. They look really delicious :0)

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They are not quite on par with named varieties but are good none the less and I don’t have any time invested.


If you had interest to graft on some of these healthy vines with scions from real good varieties, I would type out how I have been doing it. On the other hand, if that area is overrun with coons, possums, crows, etc. it might be a waste of time.

That would be great, had not thought about that and don’t know why because I graft over everything else. I use to cut them when I was little and use them as a swing and lots of water would come out, is that an issue? Also some of the vines are quite large, 4"-5" diameter, can they be grafted over?

You might be interested in this thread Grafting grapes onto wild rootstock

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I grafted several grapes this year successfully on 3309C and 101-14 rootstocks. I also tried to graft named muscadines on wild muscadine plants but didn’t have the same luck. Vitis rotundifolia is easily propagated via layering but I’m not sure grafting works as well. I’ve also never been successful with rooting any dormant Vitis rotundifolia cuttings but have been very successful with some of the vitis hybrids.
I like our SC wild muscadines as far as flavor but they are small compared to some of the named ones. I’m actually eating a few right now and have been snacking on them for about 2 weeks. As far as harvesting goes the best method I’ve found is to lay tarps or old sheets out under the vine and give the vine a good shake but only give it 1 or 2 shakes. Hundreds will drop down and are easily collected on the tarps. Come back in 3 or 4 days and do the same thing. As long as you are not shaking it too hard or a big storm comes through you can continue to do this over a 3 week period and not many will be wasted. They store well in the fridge and also make a very tasty wine that’s way better than that harsh crap in the store.


Will try this thanks. The dark ones are at their peak right now and the gold are a little behind. I have tried many plants and have found about five that taste really good.

you are very welcome now all we have to do is change your name from C5tiger to go-gamecocks :grin: J/k I love everything Clemson has done for agriculture. Where are you located?

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Holly Hill

I’m not sure if you are aware or not but your zone has been updated to 8b. I’m in Catawba SC zone 7b but only 5 miles North West from 8a go figure. We have all the heat of zone 8a but we sometimes drop down to 9F. You are lucky to live in such a mild climate.

We can get pretty cold in the winter. I zone push like everyone, my citrus has suffered in the past.

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