Wild tomato

I tried a few today. I would say Tims Taste of Paradise distinctly tastes like another cherry tomato I planted in past (Coyote). I wouldn’t say the flavor blows my mind, but its good.
Not sure if they are more crack-resistant as Sungold which is what they claim on website. I did have a decent amount of those crack, but also we had some extreme downpours/flash floods around the area.

I hope it doesn’t get as huge as Sungold.

The plants are already 6ft tall so its definitely not small.

I tried a couple of the Sungold Select tomatoes as well. They were alright as well. I don’t think they get as big as SunGolds. I wish I planted a Sungold to compare against, but I’ll prob find it in Farmers Markets or friends soon.

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These are very tasty little tomatoes, so far my 2 year old and I (and probably some local birds) have mostly kept up with eating them out of hand from the two plants, but some have made it to the point where they fall with stems attached, and they can sit there without rotting for quite awhile:

No sign of weakening plants yet, still pumping out flowers and no blight of any sort, but the rains are just getting going so that’ll be the big test.

Between the occasional dropping tomatoes and the clumsy eating of a toddler, I’m hoping these will volunteer next year, but I’ll probably start a few early anyhow. I might even give them some fertilizer next year, I was testing their production in poor soil first.

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I just got one plant of Matt’s Wild tomatoes at New Seasons’s. Never thought I would see it at a grocery store’s plant section! Best currant type I ever had was Spoon Tomato, back then sold by Park Seeds when I was a teenager, and was sugar sweet, easy to dehydrate, and extremely good for adding to salads and dehydrated into pasta sauce where it was even sweeter. I liked not having to slice into them.

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How did that flavor turn out?

I liked Tim’s Taste of Paradise. I’m growing it again this year. very productive and all the plants had a consistent good/sweet-ish flavor. I see the description on Wild Boar Farms said it has a ‘unami flavor’, i would say its not super sweet but a nice consistent subtle sweetness. i say consistent cause i never had a bad one (unless it was split open and past its picking date).