Wild tomato

Many have questioned the origin of tomatoes. There are a couple of wildly popular near wild tomatoes that are reportedly hardy and delicious. The tomatoes are very small. The last time i grew these small cherry type tomatoes, they were a lot of work to pick. They might be best grown in a raised bed. I’m not sure which one of these wild or near wild tomatoes i grew last time. Here are a couple of types to start with. Keep in mind that this forum is full of expert tomato growers who may know of others. Everglades Cherry Tomato and
MATTS WILD CHERRY TOMATO are widely available and sometimes used as rootstocks.

There are studies conducted with wild tomatoes

This is an idea what it is like to grow these wild plants


Picked up this mix of wild and domestic genetics, and will play around to see if any do well outdoors here in Ireland. No idea what to expect.



Those look very interesting!