Wildlife in our gardens


For the first time ever I saw a couple of buntings at our feeder last week. Assuming they were just passing through. We had an indigo and a painted bunting…beautfiul birds, unfortunately, I couldn’t get any pictures of them.


heres the biggest species of deer in north america crossing my property onto my neighbors. was standing near my living room window when i 1st saw him.



Truly incredible beast there. I don’t think people who haven’t seen them in person realize how HUGE they really are…


this one was a small yearling. he pruned my raspberry bushes last fall. he’s now about 400-500lbs. glad to see he/she made the winter. if hes a male he can get top 1200lbs by 4 yrs old. we saw 4 on the side of the road yesterday going to lowes . they come out to eat grass which is the 1st greens available this time of year. if you look at the bottom of the second pic, i just put out 3 fully leafed out currants. if the dogs wernt barking those would have been dinner!




yes ma’am! we have more of them than deer up here. highest population in the lower 48.


Oh yummmmm! So good!


my daughter got a permit and got a 947lb bull with a 57in. rack 2 years ago. took 5 men and 2 4 wheelers tied together to pull him out of the swamp she shot him in. the meat is better than deer IMO.


JUST WOW!!! A dream i hope to realize one day…


i think the deadline to put in is may 15 online for the drawing. my brothers a Maine guide with 100% success rate guiding for moose. apply at maine department of inland fisheries and wildlife under moose permit applications. you might get lucky. a quarter the price to hunt them here compared to alaska.


When is season if you don’t mind me asking? I am so busy when it is usually season I may have to wait almost 4 years till retirement. I will definitely look into it. It’s actually a bucket list item for me…I’m in the Wine and Liquor business and our busiest season just happens to be hunting season in most of the country


there are 3 seasons each 6 days long . end of sept , second week of oct and 2nd week of nov. bull tags are usually the 1st 2 seasons , cows the last one. if you only want a bull tag you can say so on the application but cuts your chances of a drawing in half. cows have more tender meat anyway but a good bull is hard to resist. i have a 51in. bull on the wall from a '05 hunt.


Now that could work. I can get the last week of September and POSSIBLY second week in October. We are blacked out November- December. No one goes anywhere except for Bereavement…Holidays are crazy in this business. Thanks for the Info. Moose. Very cool. I will be looking into a Tag. if i get something I’ll get with you for Info. to your brother. I mean …Really…100% success rate ! Just doesn’t get any better than that. Can you use Center Fire rifles? Where I was raised in Ohio you could only use shotgun until just a year ago. They finally changed it and can use Straight wall cartridges. i do have a Rossi Lever in 454 Casull so i can do either. Just curious


Sorry guys. I get all excited. I’ll quit hijacking the thread…:roll_eyes:


This morning: May 2, 2018



can use anything but bigger is better! :wink:


I posted this a while back but the same Female Blackcapped chickadee has been coming to the nesting box near my grape arbor since early April. She had a male mate but I don’t see him flying with her anymore and I also do not see him bringing her food. She appears to take short trips to my Cherry tree and the surrounding bushes for insects, and also a nearby feeder in the next yard over for seeds.


This ladybug is helping thin out the bugs while I thin fruit starts from our Mid Pride Peach tree.


Boys will be boys