Will apriums grow here?

I’m thinking about adding an aprium and was wondering how well they would do in georgia? Anyone have any suggestions on which variety tasteses the best? Was thinking about getting cot n candy.

I’m not a big fan of CNC. It ripens half green, falls off the tree half green, and has a very short shelf life. Perhaps more importantly it’s not that good in my conditions at least. My best aprium is Tasty Rich but haven’t tried that many. I think you’d be better off with Tomcot apricot. The apriums are no different than apricots.

I like Flavor Delight. It blooms about 5 days before Hargold apricot.

Thanks for the feedback everyone! I found a Dave Wilson multi grafted tree w/ Tomcot and blenheim. It should be here later this week and I have a fantastic spot to put it.