Will Asian persimmon ripen off of the tree?

I picked all my non-astringent persimmon to help minimize hurricane damage. Should I throw them away or will they still ripen. They are more ripe than the picture indicates.

I have really good luck with alcohol treatment to ripen astringent AND non-astringent persimmons. Just get some cheap whiskey or whatever you want and pour a little in a bowl, then put that bowl in a large container with the persimmons and seal it. As long as the container is sealed, the alcohol will ripen them to be as sweet as they can possibly be. When I do this, it takes about 3-5 days.

It is possible, however, that they are so far from ripeness that they haven’t developed enough sugars to be good yet. But I think it’s definitely worth a shot given how many you have!


Thanks, I will give that a try.

The ones that have some color will definitely ripen if just left out on counter. I’ve never pulled fully green ones couldn’t give an answer to that.

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some cali orchards ship fuyus in that stage of maturity, at least at the beginning of harvest season(about this time), so they could sell at higher prices.
fruits generally ripen well

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Just put an apple or a banana in the box to speed up the ripening process.


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Persimmons do not ripen in response to ethylene gas, so this will not help speed up the ripening process.

EDIT: Oops… I was thinking of pomegranates. For some reason I get those fruits confused in my head all the time! Persimmons DO release ethylene.