Will buy and clear the lot next door


I have the lot next door on contract and will complete the purchase in the next couple of weeks. Then I plan on bringing in a Forestry Mulcher to clear the lot of all the trees that have grown since it was cleared for the first time 20 years ago.
The lot is 0.6 acres and on a slight slope in North Alabama. It has a (like new) water well that has never been used. 100 ft depth with a 55 foot tall water level.
I am planning on Pawpaw, Asian Persimmon and some Jujube. A couple mulberry have shown themselves already so they will stay.
Need ideas on what else to grow.
I want to use no chemical sprays but may use JADAM if there is any experience with the use of these. I currently am using JADAM Sulfur for Asian Pear that gets Quince Cedar Rust and it seems to work.
I have seen where there are varieties of Pineapple Guava and Citrus that may survive our as low as 10 degree weather.


You have a pretty good no spray list. I would add hardy kiwi and figs. Pears have been good other than blackening leaves that require spray. I’m also starting to focus on less care items.


On the lot where my house is, there are 5 varieties of figs and a large 30x30 pergola of fuzzy kiwi and another shaded pergola with hardy kiwi.
The new lot has a lot of area and a lot of promise. It has never been anything other that a wooded area so the soil should be very active with fungi and bacteria.


No experience with but it does sound interesting. Will be curious to hear of your successes/failures with.