Will frost hurt my trees if there are no blooms?

Some of my trees have green on them but no flowers. I’m in 7b and temps are 30 or less for a day or so. If there are no blossoms, and fruit buds are still dormant, no green on them, do I need to worry about them, covering them? I had covered them, but they blew off and got rained on and now I’m afraid if I put the covering back they would freeze on the tree. And, I’m not sure I actually need them. Thanks for help.

Apple, peach, pear, all no fruiting ages. 2 yo?

Edit:. The wind is pretty hard. Wind-chill is about 17. The trees are dry from the wind, no freezing rain.

This will help you. Wind chill has nothing to do with plants.


Seems to me you should be fine. :handshake:

That’s my thought too. I have almost no experience though. I know it won’t stay that cold too long here. I read someone say something about flowing sap freezing, but not much I can do about that.

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generally except for very small/young plants, if the buds (leaf and flower) are fully closed up and still dormant you have nothing to worry about.