Will growing my own seedless grapes make me enjoy eating them?

All the seedless grapes I’ve tried have had sort of woody, pithy, tannic, tasting skins. Chewing through the seed remnants can feel like eating twigs. Can this be lessened by growing my own? Or am I just weirdly picky? Also, if you have general variety recommendations and planting tips for zone 10a that would be great too!


I think in your area Ruby Seedless is the go to for fresh eating seedless grapes.

The best grape is the Muscat.

If you don’t like grapes generally you will not like grapes. I would describe home grown fruit as the same as store bought but better.

I found home grown far superior to store grapes although I grew different varieties than you get at store. Also this was San Jose California a great climate for them

My favorites in a zone 10 greenhouse similar to warm areas of California are Flame, Princess, Summer Royal, and Crimson. Those give fruit from June until Dec. The best tasting of those is Summer Royal. Summer Muscat tastes even better but was small and difficult to grow.