Will hardy kiwis stay on one side of my fence?

I have a neighbor who does not appreciate my gardening. We have a chain link fence along the border of my house. The fence between their house and ours is the only one that is capable of growing hardy kiwi along them. Our house is located east of them so the vines would be getting morning sun only in the direction facing our house.

Will the vines only grow towards my house? Or will they grow every direction imaginable and get my neighbor more upset with us?

My kiwi mostly reaches out towards whichever shadow it senses. Key to that being “mostly”.

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They will grow every direction imaginable. That is not the thing to grow next to your anti-gardening neighbor unless you are trying to push the neighbors buttons.


I agree with murky. Hardy kiwi are monsters. You will be growing pure hatred.


Unless your neighbor keeps a herd of pet deer in his yard, in which case only vines on your side will survive.


Thank you all for the input. I guess thats a hard no on the kiwis!

You could always ask if he likes kiwis and that he could have all the ones that grow on his side. The worst he could say is no.


I can already envision the next episode of Fear Thy Neighbor.


Definitely not an option unfortunately.

The real question is- whose side of the property line is the fence on, and if it is on your side, how much is it offset?

There are other vining options you could choose, or even begin an espalier or some dense growing tree that you could pick to block your yard if they see it as unsightly.

Another option is to garden naked and they will build a nice tall privacy fence. Problem solved!


Could you set up a trellis parallel to the chain link or leaning on it(like a section of cattle panel or something) so you could reach behind it/move it and keep it pruned back? I find they are monsters but as long as you cut regularly they can be kept from gaining a foothold where you don’t want them.