Will it die?

My ice cream mango, I have had it a year. I didn’t let it produce any fruit last year but this year I’ve pruned all but two fruit off. It’s about 2 ft tall, so I’m sure it won’t be happy, however it’s life bound to a pot, unless I plant it and build some structure to try to keep it alive in the winter (no plans on that) so I won’t mind it being stunted, however I don’t want to kill it. Anyone had their potted mango fruit at a young age

Also sorry for the multi new topics back to back

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I think @Phill_Boise_7a has had his fruit at a similar size. Yours looks healthy enough. Be careful to not pinch off any vegetative buds that may be within or next to flower buds when you remove flowers. Mangoes can be finicky about not pushing new vegetative growth if you prune their tips too much.


Yeah I didn’t harm them, but I see how someone could. But only once. I just prune the flower stems down to close to where they connect and they just fall off eventually