Will later planting of squash avoid squash bugs and SVB?

Question in title.

I have a very fast maturing variety of zucchini I want to plant, so I could even plant twice if I had to.

I am mainly asking about pumpkins. My kids really want to grow pumpkins for Halloween. With the maturity date on the package, I could plant as late as July 1 and still get pumpkins by Halloween.

Yet, I’m trying to time it so that I’m avoiding the onslaught of SVB and squash bug.

Do later plantings fare better?


You can plant as late as mid June for fall harvest pumpkins. I don’t know about your climate, but late planting is somewhat effective here in North Alabama.


I hesitate to grow cucurbits because my plants always get hammered by squash bugs. But last year I planted very late, and the bugs did show up, but never really increased their numbers so the plants grew well. So maybe planting late will help.


In my part of Texas, my family would grow pumpkins and plant on July 1st. They grew well, but usually had more problems with powdery mildew towards the end than squash bugs.

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