Will Pluerries (Sweet Treat and Candy Heart) pollinate Nadia?

Anyone know if these will overlap flowering windows? Thinking of ordering all three, but need to make sure I have pollinators that’ll work.

I don’t know for sure but I can tell you here in Ca Candy heart blooms before Nadia but they look to overlap enough to pollinate each other. Sweet treat is pollinated by Burgundy plum, santa rosa plum and Flavor king pluot. Hope this helps.

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I grow all of them. They are nearing full bloom right now. Add Burgundy, it tastes great and is a general pollinator. The question is will your Pennsylvania growing climate work out for them? Many forum members here will give you that kind of advice. My experience is limited to growing fruit trees in the SF South Bay Area
in Northern California. Nadia tends to be a shy producer, hand pollinating and adding other varieties including grafting will definitely help. One of my plum trees has 18 varieties grafted to it! It is doing well.


Nadia, Sweet Treat pluerry, and Burgundy plum are all blooming at the moment.