Will there be a grafting class this year? If so, how to sign up, where when etc

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And also … beyond grafting: rooting, air layering, etc.

I guess I should be more specific about the location
Will there be a grafting class like last year at The WVU Extension Master Gardeners of MorganCounty? Seems like the class held last year with Dr Mira was a great success
I’m from Pittsburgh, so that class or any in the general area is of interest…thanks

If you don’t mind driving all the way to Lancaster, Backyard Fruit Growers will have their usual grafting workshop on March 24.

wish we had one here. I’ve tried grafting several varieties to my northern fuji over the course of several years and none took. I’ve watched many youtube vids and read everything about grafting here online and can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. ill try again next spring. i have a sargent crabapple thats big enough to graft to. can you graft reg. apple varieties to crabapple stock?

I think you should be able to in general, but noting that the Geneva rootstocks can be incompatible with certain apples it wouldn’t surprise me to find out that certain crabs can be incompatible with certain apples to