Will these become fruits?

This is an ichi-ki-kei-jiro tree I just received. Are those fruiting flowers forming?



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Yes. They are in the bud stage now and later on they will flower.

That’s quite surprising because the seller said that it’s supposed to fruit between 6-8 years. This is supposedly a 2 yr old tree. Nonetheless, very excited.

Do you think a 20 gallon pot will be enough for the lifetime of this tree?


I don’t grow in containers so others can best advise you.

@aap, Bob is one of the experienced persimmon growers who grows some in pot, I think.

I only know that young persimmon trees may drop their fruit. If it’s Nikita’s Gift, it could drop all the fruit. Do I sound bitter about my NG? :smile: :


No, I don’t grow oriental persimmon in containers because mine are all in the ground. I will say this, oriental persimmon will drop flowers, small fruitlets and big ones anytime they feel like doing so. Reason,overfeeding, too much moisture and a couple others. Is it doable, yes it is. You have to find out which one has moderate success, like Sayo, R/B, a couple of others. Deep containers, if you still have a taproot or a wide one that you bought bare root. Next long warm season think November for most to ripened.

i grow asian persimmons in containers and young trees particular 2 yeas old will flower but most flowers will drop. You maybe be lucky to get 1 fruit to stay until ripe. But its good so you can test the flavor of the fruit. Young tree will practice until they feel they are strong enough to keep the fruit.


Nice way to describe persimmon fruiting habits. My first planting was a larger tree from a big pot. I bought big and of course paid a high price for it. The first year it loaded 50-100 flowers and I was pumped up thinking I had made a good choice. After it flowered the tree decided it wasn’t ready and slowly dropped the fruit. I ended up with one that matured.

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Good to know. How many years have you had yours? What size pot do you use?

That is gonna be me…I bought a tree well over an inch diameter, and 4 feet tall, sturdy. I am not expecting fruit on it this year. I am considering pros and cons to planting. To plant I will need to dig up lots of iris which spread over time, then add soil to raise it up. The nursery did put the tree in a huge tub, but unsure how wise to leave it in.

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i usually use 20-30 gal size pots. Some are 4+ years since first had them

Fertilizing persimmon in containers is kind of tricky, i sugest using the cheap stuff ,6 6 6 or 8 8 8 before bud break.The rest of the year no nitro, after blooming small amounts of 0.0.25. Only. 25 gl could be used for a long time. No super rich medium.
The exception here is, if you want your tree to grow first before worrying about fruit than you should just use the 8/8/8 a couple more times during the growing season, just don’t spoil your tree, it doesn’t know how to act given too much stuff.

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