Wilting Royal Rainier cherry leaves

My Royal Rainier cherry tree’s leaves have started wilting, with some of the lower/inner leaves turning yellow. The cherries are due to be ripe next week. The temperature has been sunny and mild, and the soil (which is drip irrigated) is moist. The trees right next to it seem fine. I’ve tried googling for explanations, but don’t turn up anything that sounds like my situation. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I’ve attache three photos. The last one shows the effected tree on the left with a happy-looking tree to the right. They are receiving exactly the same treatment.

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What is the thing wrapped on the trunk? That could be starving the tree of nutrients. It could also be some root issue.

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It’s stretch wrap coated with tanglefoot and held in place by a couple pieces of duct tape. I use it on most of my fruit trees to make it difficult for Argentine ants and earwigs to get up into the trees. It stretches very easily, and I see no signs of girdling.