Winblo - The Perfect Peach

Short clip from the Clemson Peach Doctor Desmond Layne from a few years ago.…

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I watched some of his other videos a while back - was not impressed.

Have you read his text book on Peach Production?

Can’t say that I have but it couldn’t be any worse than his videos.

Every time I run his clipped Winblo video on my FB page I sell every Winblo Peach I can pick

People even show up a few weeks after seeing the video and ask for Winblo peaches.

It’s the best tasting peach I grow.


Looks great, glad you found the perfect peach for your area!

Despite three weeks with just 2/10 of rain and highs in the 90’s for the last two weeks, they have sized up well as my harvest begins. You do need to follow your local Extension recommendations on Nitrogen fertilization to keep Bacterial Spot at a minimum. Even though it has pretty good resistance, low N levels will increase it in any variety of peach. Every summer I ride by homeowner trees starved for nitrogen. Almost tempted to sneak by some and sprinkle a few cups of Calcium Nitrate around them.

My peaches just get a fraction of recommended nitrogen in order to limit tree growth in NC zone 7B

Just 1/2 cup 10/10/10 around each tree this year

I have been told that some growers on good soil in the mountains don’t use any fertilizer at all which sounds crazy!

I haven’t fertilized my trees in years. After they’ve been established
for a long time, they really don’t need it. They grow like gang busters
without it, and I don’t get bacterial leaf spot.

I am growing on sandy loam in SE Virginia. Peanut and cotton country that doesn’t hold moisture or nutrients very well. I also have to deal with Manganese deficiency but a couple of sprays of Mancozeb takes of it in May when the new growth is rapidly growing.