'Winter Banana' Apple on Own-Roots

Yes, nothing to recommend it in flavor, aroma, or texture. Nice to look at.

Fun fact you may know, but for the benefit of all: if using it as a pollen source, the term is pollenizer. Pollinators are the bees and such who do the deed.


An excellent pollinator tree— long bloom season. Fruit keeps well too.


Can you link an article(s) here that mentions the study you’re referencing?

@Jujube I don’t have access to the full study, but I did link to the excerpt with highlights in a comment above. That’s the best I can do without buying the full research paper.

Regarding flavor:

While not the point of this post I did have the opportunity to taste ‘Winter Banana’ at a fruit show prior to starting my own trees. I liked it enough to be interested in growing it. The flavor is not going to wow anyone, but at the same time it’s not bad either. It’s just a nice neutral tasting apple with a hint of that old fashioned banana flavor (not the same as what modern ‘Cavendish’ bananas taste like). My tree started producing last year and I appreciated its ability to make blemish free fruit. I’ll look forward to having it around for many years.


It’s a good keeper and nice looking .

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Anyone have more informal on using it as an interstem? I’m wanting to try it both on callery and on keiffer and then put Anna apple on top. What do you think?