Winter Delight Jujube Grafts

My Winter Delight Jujube got crushed by the City heavy snow removal truck. Bob v. Kindly sent me the scion. I grafted to my 4 yrs old Lang about 3 weeks ago and now the grafts starting to push. Thanks again Bob. V.


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Glad to hear it is working. A lot of the thanks should go to @Bhawkins, who supplied me with the wood.

None of my bench grafts have worked, but it isn’t the wood’s fault- less than half the rootstocks have even leafed out.

So, I’m currently in the process of grafting to my 3 existing trees. Two of the trees are pretty young and I’m only putting a few grafts on them. My third tree is getting 20+ varieties, as I’m hoping to get at least 1 take of each kind.

Bob Hawkins supplied me with winter delight too. He’s the ultimate jujube guy in eastern half of continental usa, i will have to say!

Bob sent me some scions as well (THANKS). I used his scions to match some of the larger rootstock sizes of the wild jujube sprouts that I bought from Roger. I’m not sure how many of these grafts will take. I’m not very good at it to start with. On top of that, although the rootstock leafed out, I’m not sure how much the roots have developed in the 1 gal RB2s so far. I guess time will tell. So far, only one of them is showing signs of producing leaves but as you all know, that is no guarantee of success.

I received some Autumn Beauty and Winter Delight wood from Bob H also last year. Unfortunately they all failed.

I finally managed to get the Autumn Beaty Variety, but still looking for a Winter Delight, if anyone knows where I could find one.