Winter in Western Montana

Wanted to share one shot from a camping trip a few years ago. This is up on the Montana side of the Montana/Idaho border on the Nez Perce “highway”, first week in November.

We’re getting a fair amount of snow this year with lows in the middle teens F. We’ve had some beautiful light, fresh air, and the days are getting longer! Time to replace our old cross country skis and boots and get out there.


What a great picture! Thanks for sharing.

You’re channeling Ansel Adams!!


Very picturesque. Thank you for sharing.

Thanks for the kind words! I do admire the work of Adams, also Edward Weston, Paul Strand, quite a few others. I had the pleasure of briefly corresponding with Adams as well as E. Westons’s son Cole, along with a few other well-known names back -way back- when I started a photographic chemical supply company. But I never approached the quality of their work and wouldn’t claim to! Still enjoy looking at good photographs, especially B&W.