Winter is a good time to get ahead of fruit tree problems. From Corvallis

Good tips here for winter fruit tree care including spray regimes.


This has been talked about before but can anyone point to a reasonable source for lime sulfur? Why is it nearly impossible to find? I see a lot of lime sulfur products available for dogs and fleas but hardly any for trees. Everyone that sells Hi-Yield is sold out as far as I can tell.

No sure where your at but I get it at Wilco.

Lime Sulfur is normally available from a lot of suppliers in large containers. My chemical supply company only sells 5 gal containers for example, but I see several Organic mail order vendors with 2 1/2 Gal.

I really like the link you provided. I suspect their 3 dormant spray idea would work great and prevent a lot of problems.

Don’t see Lime Sulfur recommended much for fruit trees in my area, only for brambles. Don’t know why.