Winter princess peach - grapefruit size

This is in NY Zone 5b about 35 miles south of Albany. September 2, 2019. I state the location so others can adjust harvest times to their own zone.

I ran across a roadside fruit stand and saw this peach the size of a small grapefruit. They told me the name was WINTER PRINCESS

I was ready to be disappointed thinking that its main attraction would be its freakish size.

But, NO. It was firm, very peachey tasty sweet with just enough acid even for an acid head (no not that type).

I could not find any “WINTER PRINCESS” peach tree info although I found a bunch of “Princess” varieties mainly white flesh. This one is yellow flesh and semi-freestone.

The woman at the stand said that she has an even larger variety but it was still on the tree and that one is not ready until October. I would love a good October peach to go along with my smallish Indian Free Peach.

Anyone have any more info on this.



I too would like more information on that variety. I need a couple of late varieties to extend my peach and nectarine harvest. I have a small Carnival Peach tree that has very large fruit and according to DWN is October harvest. Not sure yet whether I like it.
Keep us posted please.


I think it is a North Korean import - supposedly they have developed some peach trees that grow large fruit and can withstand -20 temps. Watch out for them commie peaches …