Winter start tomorrow

Today temp is 72*, starting tomorrow it’s going to slide into the 50’s that’s going to be fora while. Had 3 tree’s out the shop for a couple of weeks. Jabo was in the shop for a while, started blooming, brought it out , guess what , bee’s were busy working, yesterday and today.
Citrus in the shop doing pretty good.
Persimmon mostly gone. Had only 3 tree’s producing mediocre out of 16 plus tree’s. Not good.


that’s really something, those trees look very happy. do you have any tips for container gardening?

I don’t have a specific single way of doing things, it changes often. The store I frequent carry a lot of stuff I can work with, not only that, they are cheap enough to try different ways. It’s a cheap hobby for me, don’t do anything expensive or exotic. Stores are all within a hours drive.
I have so many different ways, I couldn’t tell the difference. Learning the fertilizing difference among different species takes more effort, they are all different to some extent. I learn a lot from the citrus gurus, than make up my own mind to changes.