Anybody here ever grown wintergreen?

I’ve got some shady spots in the landscape, and I’m always looking to convert more of the front yard over to edibles. This sounds like a good fit that will give a few bonus berries and slowly spread to fill out these otherwise unproductive areas.

Have you ever eaten one? The flavor is nice (minty) but the texture is unappealing, very mealy in my experience.

I’ve got wintergreen. It’s in the back of my yard, growing under and between my remaining blueberries.

It flowers well, but I rarely see the fruit, it tends to be under the foliage. I can recall enjoying chewing on the leaves more than the fruit, not that they are bad just because the leaves are always there. I agree that the fruit is mealy. It stays evergreen (well reddish purple- leaves) year round.

It’s pretty easy, in an acidic raised bed.


No, the closest I’ve ever come to eating one is a box of wintergreen candy canes from the after-Christmas sales.

I am absolutely open to anything else that will look decent and fit in the same niche.

I don’t have any experience with them, but what about edible ferns (fiddleheads) or ramps.