Wire worms management?

One disadvantage of a small garden space is the lack of crop rotation.Yes, yes, I rotate every year, but it doesn’t help much, as plants are back into the old spot in a year, instead of 4 or 5. I also can’t afford to let the ground rest under cover crop unless I sacrifice half of my veggies or even more, because my garden location is not flat plot - it is a lot of different size beds where I can fit them on the land. OK, enough of whining.
This year the bug number one (after the rabbits) is wire worm. The number of them growing year to year. And so far I didn’t find any measurable control tactics. Using potatoes for traps doesn’t work. When I take out potatoes I grow, they all damaged, but no single worm on them! And in the matter of fact around them as well. When I turn soil, I can find and kill probably 3-4 of them on 12X3 bed. Too few to the amount of damage they do to my potatoes. Killing the beetles doesn’t work as well - they never concentrate in one spot and very fast flying away. I know they should be in shallow soil when it is cool and wet and deeper down when it is hot and dry, but when I go to the garden now, I do not see a lot of them in the top foot of the soil. I am ready to use chemicals or some other expensive methods, if I only know they work.
This is what I found so far:
Nematodes(which ones?)
Sierra Natural Science Pesticide
Pyrethrin drench

Anybody can tell me if any of the above can really help?

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I haven’t heard of Wireworms,only the Click beetles and didn’t know they were very destructive.
One by BASF,has their remedy,which may not be available to the public.There is even a video game on the site,lol.

Another English website mentions,the Nematode Heterorhabditis bacteriophora is sold specifically against wireworm.

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here is how destructive the are:

So have you tried consulting your Ag extension agent or any of your county master gardeners?
I am seeing the same issue this year worse than last.
Kent, wa

We moved since than, new place has less of them. I think the richer you soil is, the worse the damage. But I learned, that what I had on my potatoes was severe scab, not wire worm damage