'Wonderful' pomegranate

Here’s my ‘Wonderful’ pomegranate, Winter pruned and leafing out back in February:

In bloom right now:

And starting to set fruit right now as well:

Nice. Take down the fence and let the tree grow…

Looks great. How tall is it now and how many fruit do you get from a tree that size?

Looks great!

The tree is generally kept no taller than I can reach standing on the ground (in keeping with the tenets of Backyard Orchard Culture). The tree gets and appreciates hard Winter pruning as it fruits on new wood. It’s a bit of work keeping ‘Wonderful’ in check as it’s a vigorous grower, and loves that spot in the corner. The tree gives me enough fruit for a couple of months of fresh eating and sharing with friends and colleagues (I don’t have a fruit count). ‘Wonderful’ shares a harvest window with some excellent citrus.

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Clint, I see you have you pom trained to a single trunk. I have an older Russian pom that I tried for years to keep to a single trunk but finally gave up and let it become a bush. Does it sucker less after a few years or is it a constant battle?

Yes, the tree has a very short single trunk with three main branches coming off of it. ‘Wonderful’ does want to sucker and take over the world, so I do need to keep on top of it. I usually do a bit of sucker removal and Summer pruning when I water or mulch that section of the lot. Catch the suckers early and they come off fairly easily.

I had a Wonderful when we lived in the south. I do not remember any problem with suckers. Maybe that was just me.

Most of the Wonderful I’ve seen grows as multi-trunk. It is personal preference. Also with multi trunk, it offers some winter backup.

Here’s the pomegranate side of the lot. ‘Wonderful’ is in the foreground and ‘Angel Red’ in the background. Farther down is a small sitting area

Aren’t all pomegranate flowers wonderful (with a lowercase w)? Seriously, I think poms are great plants just for their looks, even if they didn’t make flavorful fruits. I think the same thing of guavas grown as bushes.

Pomegranates are ornamental plants in Asia. Some are very hardy…

I agree, POM’s are highly ornamental. The fruit are a huge plus.