Wondering what your grafts will look like in a couple of years?

This pear tree is already producing fruit and has mostly healed from the cleft grafts I did two years ago. In 3-5 years all you see of a rind or cleft graft is roughness in bark where the scion union was made with the rootstock. In my experience rind grafts take 1-3 years longer to heal than cleft grafts. This is a wild callery rootstock.

These are rind grafts on a large tree after 5 years

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I have had pear grafts grow up to six ft this summer that were top grafted to smaller stuff that grew up from the stump of an established tree I cut out. My top worked apple grafts (bark grafts)have grown three ft + . Some were grafted to pretty big stubs and it will be interesting to see how long it takes to grow over them. I made several grafts on each thinking it would speed up the process of growing over those big stubs.

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They can really grow fast