Words From the Fig Growing Community: Video of the 2016 Staten Island Fig Festival

This past Thursday was the 2016 Staten Island Fig Festival and I was able to get a few interviews from esteemed members of the fig community. It’s a great event and I recommend going if any of you are in the area.




Nice vid.

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Great video Ross. You are going to like Brogiotto Nero

I’ve been growing it about 5 years now and gave cuttings to some of the F4F members back in the day. I’m glad more members have it now, it was not an easy one to acquire.

man I missed this again? sigh

sets google alert for next year worth toll over the Verrazano

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Thanks Matt! Glad you enjoyed it.

I have this one too, first leaf, started late in the year so no figs this year. Cool, looking forward to next year!

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Yeah… I haven’t heard a bad thing about it, Daniel.

I did have Barnissotte, but it had really bad FMV and it couldn’t shake it, so I’m glad I got this one.

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Hi Ross, Great video! It was nice to see and hear from people on this forum.
Did I hear correctly that both Chris and Bill DiPaola are now deceased?