Work Sharp Ken Onion Edition Knife and Tool Sharpener

I’d like to tell you folks that my review of this super easy to use sharpener receives a 10 out of 10 stars.

In 15-20 minutes this morning I sharpened 10 blades on 6 pocket knives of all varying shapes & sizes. (3) passes on each blade side is all it took for the knives to go from dull to razor.

This is the slickest thing I’ve seen.



I have one, I really like it except for not being allowed to keep it on the counter. Having to dig it out is a impediment to more frequent use.

I don’t use it for grafting knives though, I prefer a chisel grind on those which is dead simple.


This is pure simplicity to me. I like it. I actually ground another blade flat with it after my initial post and then put a grafting edge on it. Stones are a lot of work. I can get the same result as water stones in 20 seconds vs. an hour and my hands screaming because I have issues with pain in them.

Well, it works.



Cool tool!

Too bad its not a little cheaper, for now I’m going to stick to stones.


I have to bring this topic back up. For 2-years I had mine stuck at half-speed. It still sharpened the hell out of things but now that it’s cranked up (there’s a dial underneath the handle) I touched up my knife I’ve been sending to Chicago in less than 45-seconds I suppose to a razor edge that shaves my arms. I had sent my knife to Chicago last December I believe, and it was so dull you couldn’t get one hair to shave off.

This is THEE TOOL, guys.


FYI i get alerted to certain deals, these WorkSharp sharpeners are 20% off right now (whether the electric one or manual ones). Not sure if i’ll get but thought I’d let the group know:

(use WORKSHARP20OFF on the checkout page slickdeals links to)

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I really like mine.

It’s works quickly and is easy to set and return to different angles.

My control isn’t the best, I don’t routinely reach shaving sharpness on any system. But in a few minutes I do get blades to easily push cut (no slicing motion) through printer paper.

edit: that’s a great price. Lower than I paid in 2014, probably on sale.