Worst Crimson Passion Ever

@zendog Ripped out a couple of Crimson passion bush cherry’s that never produced so much as a flower 2 or 3 years ago. I decided to give them a second chance and this is what the poor surviving bastard looks like today. The amazing thing is it survived. I was not able to care for it in anyway for the last 2 years.

I dont know how its holding on.

If it makes it into the fall I am going to have to try to root it from those green tips.

I was of the thought that the romance series of bush cherries was super hardy. I thought I saw some nursery say it grows something like down to zone 2. Of course I have had plants die that were of a same variety in about the same location. Last year I had 5 cherry trees come. 2 Utah Giant, 2 Rainier and 1 Bing. 1 Utah Giant died while one is still living and they are within 50 feet of each other. 1 Rainier died and one lived despite being around 20 feet from each other. The Bing died despite the Bing being the 1 cherry recommended for Colorado by the CSU extension.

I have planted a number of Carmine Jewels, Crimson Passions, Romeos, Juliets, and Wowza. All three Crimson Passions died, while the rest are doing fine. I never even got a taste of the Crimson Passions. Try a different variety and I think you will be pleased.

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Just a guess but based on the shadows you might have it planted in a very shady place. Cherries need a lot of sunlight.

Well you haven’t killed it yet… so there is that.

I’m not sure about rooting cuttings, but when I did have a Juliet die back and cut out the main plant, I cut the roots off close to the stem and left them in place and 5 plants sprung up from those roots left in the soil.

Maybe you’re too south for them?

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every nursery that sells them admits now that crimson passion has issues surviving and fruiting anywhere its planted. Juliet seems to be the most vigorous grower of bigger, more tasty off the bush fruit. where as c.j is a heavy producer of smaller, darker, better for processing cherries… Romeo falls somewhere in between. i dont grow the others. if you have more room, Montmorency has very good cherries as well. mine grows as a shrub and i find it better off the bush of all but Juliet in taste.