Would an air bleed valve help?

So I ordered some drip irrigation supplies, and it seems to work OK. But the problem I have, which I always have…is air in the line. The hose spigot is 50’ higher than the garden. So, naturally, when the hose drains, air gets in.

Even just turning on the regular hose, I have to deal with about three minutes of sputtering and error until the damn thing finally runs water. And I think it’s because air rises inside the hose all the way up to the top. Would an air bleed valve help in this case? Installed at the spigot end?

What could be done,is install a timer at the hose end and keep the water turned on all the time.Depending on gravity,there may be some that leaks out,but it shouldn’t be like the amount contained in a 50 or 100 foot section of hose.bb

We grew 11 acres of CBD/floral hemp last year, with driptape under 4’ plastic mulch. All fields were downhill from the pond/pump/filter.
Irrigation system design guys had us install air relief valves before each irrigation zone, and air bleed valves at the ends of supply lines.


I have air bleed valves on the end of my grape vine and fruit tree rows up to 200 feet in length. This has eliminated the problem your having for me.