Would this work for creating new fruit trees?

I’ve had many that actually bloomed the year it was grafted, although I don’t allow it to produce.

Yes… in my mulberry graft mention above… grafted it one spring and had tremendous growth that season … got lots of nice fruit the next.

Mulberry probably the quickest turnaround on fruit production from a graft.

Well… i grafted carmine goumi last spring… and the grafts took quickly and produced shoots leaves blossoms and fruit same season. Not a lot but a little.

I have seen people on youtube showing apple fruit that developed nicely on a first year graft.
None of my apple grafts last year even bloomed.

@Rosdonald You remind me: the first time I grafted Lord Lambourne, which is a partial tip-bearer, the end bud was intact. It opened blooms along with initial leaves. Took pictures & pinched away flowers.