Would this wrap be good for grafting?

I found this Tommy silicone tape (wrap) in my mothers junk drawer. The wrap seems to have good properties for grafting what do y’all think? I’m new to grafting so I don’t really know why it wouldn’t .



For securing the graft union, I’d say probably yes, as long as you remember to cut it off (or unwrap and reuse?) later, before it girdles the graft.

I would not use it over any buds, there’s no way they could push through that.


I use that for hardware purposes. As swincher said, you’d have to cut this off later, would be fine for a month or so. Not very cost effective for that, but if it’s what you have…

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I’ve used it. It’s nice to work with but I noticed I had lower success rate on grafts with the miracle wrap than parafilm or plastic grafting tape. It has a funny smell to me, which leads me to believe it has some chemical that damages the bark and/or cambium (?). I also remember it being crazy expensive for a grafting wrap.

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Thanks, I’ll give it try sometime as an experiment but probably save it for repairs.