Write ( rite) in the rain , all weather pen / paper

So , i took these to Costa Rica on a plant ID course during the rainy season. With out them ,note taking would have been impossible, it rained every day.
Since then I have found them very useful for taking notes in the orchard / nursery.
It either rains on me , or I am dripping sweat on a "normal "note pad, and can not write. Or the note pad that gets left out overnight in the rain.
With these ,You can write on a wet page, and if it gets wet , it will survive.
These are expensive, but worth it for notes in the field .
Other brands similar ?
Also other formats of paper , etc. this is just a example.


I use these at work (I am a mason/bricklayer) and they are very handy to carry in your pocket without worry of losing the notes you have made :+1: I have used them for years with great results!


Same here. I have used them out in the rain! Pretty amazing stuff.