Y area of muscadine and fruit production

Does a muscadine produce more fruit near the y area? If so why? Will the most productive area change with older vines? Why? Love to see your thoughts or experiences. I’m going to add my thoughts but feel free to pick them apart. Don’t hold back and I assure you the different opinions are welcome from me.

My thinking is that young vines are more productive near the y. My reasoning is simply that this is the older section and it has a more rapid increase in spurs each year due to being the first to add fruiting areas. If we prune back to two or three buds each year there will be more places for fruit in relation to outer areas. As the vine gets older and the y area is thinned I think the areas slowly balance out the fruit load all along the vine. Currently my older Lane (going into 3rd leaf next year) is already getting clogged up at the y and I plan to do a very light thinning at that area. My experience is only 3-5 year vines so it is limited. Love to hear your thoughts and experiences. Bill…

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