YaGuang Li Asian pear from USDA Corvallis Oregon

I waited 4 years after bark grafted this Asian pear variety. This is the latest pear in my collection. The taste is different than any other Asian pears and it had an acid kick in it. Weird!!



There are some curious items out there. I saw J. Postman and Prez Joanie (Home Orchard Society) along a row of trees in the ‘oddities’ orchard and wandered over to experience an unusual and quite large Asian pear only referred to so far as one of the ‘Jilin Market’ numbers (China). Your photo and description remind me of it. I shared a unit with some friends and got very positive responses. Also, in the non-pear orchard were quinces that had distinctive flavors of lemon and lime…tart as they were, they could be eaten off the tree. Also, had some yummy hardy kiwis; again, one of which is still just a number.


Just harvested more YaGuang Li today before the predicted snow tomorrow. YaGuang aka in China is that the fragrance can travel up to 3 Li.