Yellow Cling Flat Peach from Costco

My wife bought me some flat peach called Peach Pie from Costco. Large, cling stone, mild sweet , and slightly rubbery. Any guess?


It sure looks a lot like TangOs…

TangO’s is the only orange saucer peach I know of- so it’s made it to CA?

Hard to say. Could be a commercial variety that home growers don’t have access to. That’s why I don’t get too carried away with fruit from the market. Most wont specifically call out the variety. Contacting the vendor might be the best approach if getting an ID is important. Otherwise, it can be kinda fun shooting in the dark with guesses. :thumbsup:

On their website,the only other thing Family Tree Farms calls them,are Saturn Peaches. Brady

Mr. Clint I would bet you $50 that those are TangO’s peaches. I can’t be absolutely sure, but I think it’s a bit more than shooting in the dark. Rutger’s has done a lot of breeding of saucer peaches and Tango’s is their only released yellow, as far as I know (and they aren’t releasing them as club varieties). They are sold here packaged exactly like those in the photo.

Brady is correct, and can pick up the $50 prize. :money_with_wings:

Flat peaches and nectarines are known by several names. We call our flat peaches “Saturn” and our flat nectarines “Saucer.” This group of fruit is naturally flat and donut-shaped. In the past, the only flat varieties were white flesh peaches; that is rapidly evolving to include yellow flesh and nectarines. We currently grow two white and two yellow Saturn peaches and we’re working on developing a Saucer nectarine line.

This in no way says they aren’t Tango’s, just that their reference to the type, or “group” is referred to by them as Saturn.
The $50 seems to be still well in play.

So is shooting in the dark. There are a number of yellow fleshed clingstone flattened peaches:

If this grower was shipping TangOs they would just say so. Has someone that gives a rip contacted the grower directly yet?

Mr. Clint, you are right (and, sob, I am wrong). I had not heard about the Texas breeding program, which surprises me because Goodfruit Grower Magazine usually runs articles about such programs. If Reedley CA is in a low-chill area, I suppose it is highly likely it is one of their clones. I’m pretty sure you could call the grower and find someone that knows the actual variety.

They do look like TangO’s though.

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I guess if you don’t play you can’t win so looks like I have no chance on winning the $50. If not claimed soon I will be a volunteer recipient. A little humor is good for us. Bill

Auburn, if it’s my $50 it is not in play. I only offered the bet to Mr. Clint and he found the info that put my claim in dispute without confirming the bet (not sure how we perform e-shakes). No risk, no bet.

I know you are joking, of course, but I have an irritating habit of taking jokes literally and serious statements as a joke. What’s more, in this case you are joking about my money.

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I can never understood why people devote resource to develop flat peaches , maybe flat plum, apple, etc in the future. Besides of its unusual look, the flavor is not better than other peaches. I can understood backyard growers grow it for fun, out of curiosity, but commercial growers grow these, It just does not make sense to me.

I’m guessing that the novelty of a flat peach commands a higher price at the supermarket. Most decisions in business are dollar driven. Bill

A much, much higher price judging from those I’ve seen in wallyworld.

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Nor can I. The things Americans are willing to pay up for never ceases to amaze me. I might be wrong, but to me, not only is it a novelty, but one that doesn’t make particular sense. Seems to be Form over Function to the Nth degree from my vantage point. My Father buys them all the time…says they are fantastic.

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IL847, I was about to say the same thing. Not much advantage to the home grower except they won’t roll off a crooked table.

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No wonder Japanese grows watermelon in cubic which I thought will have less red meat inside. People are strange animals :confused:

Novelty is king and can equate to decent profits. If you’re selling to Costco you need your product to standout somehow from the other stacked up boxes.

Until proven otherwise, I’ll take the grower at his word. He’s selling a yellow Saturn. Whether it’s yellow from environment or is a true yellow fruited sport that he has propagated. I don’t feel the need to doubt the grower.

It even tastes like TangOs…