Yellow Long Neck fig

I figured out what kind of fig it is. Yellow Long Neck. It was sold as an unknown a few years ago.
Already pushing out figs! March 31


Perhaps your Yellow long neck is a “Long Yellow”. But seriously unless your going to get a DNA test you might never know. You can get into the ball park by using the common categorization system of skin and pulp color and hopefully find a range or names to guess from.

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I didn’t know you can get figs and branching at the same nodes! Has anyone had this happen… this is a first time seeing this. I have grown figs for numerous years.

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April 22 here in Canada and here is how the fig is looking! It has massive leaves, lots of figs starting and already branching on it’s own. Someone told me you had to tip to get figs and new branching which is clearly a myth.


You get near optimal condition in the “greenhouse”. So the large leaves.

There are quite a few fig varieties like YLN. They are all similar, some with longer or shorter necks. YLN just happened to get promoted and spread.

Here is an unknown yellow fig (from NJ Fig Farm) that is about the same as YLN. It is not promoted, so still “unknown”. (none of the photos are mine.)



It was a good year for the fig. It grew like crazy but now it’s going back to sleep. I have added two new varieties for 2022. Still about 3 short but will get them in the spring.
Nov 24