Yellow plums/pluots

I know there have been a couple of threads on this, but I’d like to collect a list of ALL the yellow plums/pluots. I tasted a handful of different plums the last couple of seasons. I am now convinced that all those years of eating mangoes in my younger days has hardwired my brain into liking yellow colored plums. I want to seek out all the yellows out there. Starting with this list, let me know whats missing


  1. Emerald Drop pluot (best so far, knocked my socks off with floral scent and sweet)
  2. Flavor Queen (yellow when over-ripe)
  3. Splash (more orange but still counts)
  4. Flavorella Plumcot

Asian Plums:

  1. Golden Nectar
  2. Inca
  3. Shiro
  4. Vermont
  5. Autumn Gold
  6. Bleeding Heart
  7. Sorriso di Primavera
  8. Wickson
  9. Kelsey
  10. Padre

European Plums (its not clear if I have enough chill for Euro plums but worth testing):

  1. Mirabelle Parfum de Septembre
  2. Mirabelle de Metz
  3. Mirabelle de Nancy
  4. Reine des Mirabelles
  5. Golden Transparent gage
  6. St Catherine

Myrobalan, aka cherry plums:

  1. Naidyonisch
  2. Asian Green
  3. Tabriz
  4. Early Yellow
  5. Goje Sabz

Autumn Gold
Bleeding Heart Plum

St Catherine plum

Asian Green Myro plum
Tabriz plum
Early Yellow plum

There are probably more, I need to check


Most all the gages are greenish yellow and magnificent to eat and a myriad of flavours but i believe they require a decent amount of chilling.

Superior is really good but high chill also


Thanks, I’ve added them. I couldn’t find more info on many of them though. Is “Early Yellow” the same as “Early Golden”? It is listed as Asian plum in many of the nursery websites.

Early Yellow Cherry plum is the full name. I believe it came from the Wolfskill collection. I don’t know if it is the same as Early Golden.

ah, you are right. I remember seeing it on the GRIN website. I don’t think this is the same as the Early Golden

Byrongold,(Wickson,greenish yellow),La Crescent,Brook Gold and (Lavina,which are yellow most of the time and then get a reddish blush.)
Also Schoolhouse,Oullins Gage,Pearl,General Hand,Coe’s Golden Drop and Yellow Egg.


Flavorella Plumcot

Asian Plums:
Sorriso di Primavera, Wickson, Kelsey, Padre

European Plums:
Golden Transparent Gage
Reine des Mirabelles

Myrobalan, aka cherry plums:
Goje Sabz


I thought I found the identity of this plum a few months ago, but I can no longer find the info. Google search results seem to be getting less relevant with time. I thought I read it was a Zaiger variety, but can not find a matching yellow plum with size, Brix, and lenticels.

They were nectarine sized, and I estimate 20ish Brix. They came from Chile, right after the lemon plums. Easily one of the best plums I have tasted.


Emerald Beaut Plum is a good one.

Emerald Drop Pluot has been different for me in Southern California. I think it doesn’t hold up well in the heat and turns to mush before it develops a good flavor.

Splash Pluot is not orange inside. At least that has been my experience. It is more of a light to dark yellow colored flesh depending on how ripe it is.


Another Japanese plum: Burbank. The skin will redden where sun-exposed, but it’s normally mostly yellow and the flesh is yellow as well:


I really appreciate this thread. I had lost the tag from a yellow plum tree that I bought 2 years ago. I couldn’t remember the name and it was really bothering me! Reading through the list here jogged my memory, it’s a Byron Gold! Here’s another thread that the OP might be interested in:

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Thats a good list to start with :slight_smile: Unfortunately, it is too late in the year to get scions locally. I counted about 9 that I have or grafting this season. I will try more next season. Shot in the dark - any Eastern growers with Sorriso di Primavera? Let me know

I bought Peach Japanese Plum from Cloud Mountain Nursery last year and it supposed to have an apricot yellow colored plum, not sure if that counts. I bought it last year and it’s grown a lot since then. No plums on it yet though but whatever year I get them I will post a picture. I have another Peach Plum tree that I bought from the local farm store but it had no description other than a picture which is not the same as the peach plum from Cloud Mountain. The farm store one looks like it might have European style leaves (the only comparison I have is a gage green tree which leaves look similar to the farm store Peach Plum). The Cloud Mountain trees leaves look different. They look the same as my other Asian plums leaves so I’m sure it’s Asian. Besides Cloud Mountain said it was. It is supposed to be a big yellow plum!

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