Yellowing leaves on pear

hey folks. my grafted over m. ash tree to pear, has 1 branch with yellow leaves with light green veins. usually id say its a deficiency but its only on this 1 limb.


My guess is the roots servicing that branch are having trouble.

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@Richard’s thoughts are probably on target, I think, although it is curious that the damaged root just happens to be affecting just the graft. But something’s keeping nutrition from the affected leaves.

Maybe the rapidly growing grafted area is just not getting everything it needs through the graft - I mean, is the graft just not healed enough yet to let everything through?

That would suggest that the root damage isn’t severe enough to compromise the branches that have a healthy pipeline, but doesn’t provide enough fuel for everything?

I’m with Pooh, the bear of little brain, on this one.

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the tree was growing on top of a old spruce stump that my father in law cut about 10-12 years ago. as the stump rotted it made holes under the roots that ive been filling in. i didnt do it this spring and its right next to the ditch thats been full of water all summer so i guess makes sense. once the rain stops ill go fill them in again and see if that helps.


Got any underground critters. If they rip up a section of root you can see that. If it’s late graft failure it should all turn brown pretty quick. That’s a pretty odd combo.

Also check for borers down at the base of that branch if you haven’t already.

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I have a similar issue in some of my trees. A few of mine have sort of a lemon lime leaf color. It’s been like that all year.