Yellowing of apple leaves

I’m still pretty new to the diagnosing game and could use some help from the hive. I needed to do some emergency grafting to save some varieties so I picked up an apple tree from a big box store. Once I got it home, many leaves started to go yellow. I haven’t planted it yet. Is it disease driven or perhaps just adjusting to new micro-climate (with heatwave bonus)? Thanks to all.

I would not worry about that. It will shape up after you plant it. You may still lose a couple more leaves after planting due to transplant shock. It will be fine though.


If its in a pot it could be from drying out or a N deficiency either from no N or too high of ph. I think putting it in the ground and pampering it is the way to go. Maybe there is disease also? but the way its cutting off nutrients to the lower leaves is pretty comon for stress or N deficiency