Yellowish spots/bumps on elderberry leaves

Any thoughts as to what is going on with my elderberry leaves? I have a few plants exhibiting this and one or two have leaves that are really wrinkled and ‘crisp’.

I planted about 75 small potted plants (5 varieties) from Hartmann’s in ~30sq ft to grow out for the season then transplant in the fall. Still trying to figure out what works best on my site (varieties and techniques).

I went out again today to look for any kind of bugs. I saw a couple of small grasshoppers and a couple Japanese beetles but no aphids or other bugs hiding in the underside of the leaves. I see places where the beetles and I guess grasshoppers are munching on the leaves but the affected leaves in the pictures have no holes or bite spots.

I was originally thinking it was microbial and then thought maybe pest related but I’m as stumped as I was to begin with.

Possibly herbicide injury
But ,I would suspect it is symptoms of a virus.

Given their location herbicide seems unlikely and the only thing I have put on them is some foliage pro about two weeks ago.

If it’s a virus is there anything that can be done?

A virus can not be cured.
You can remove infected plants.
Their are many different viruse, some may adversely affect production.
If only a low percentage of the plants are showing symptoms, I would remove these.
If most or all show symptoms, and you have no other elders around they can infect .,… Maybe just let them do their thing and see what comes of it.

Not claiming to be an elder expert here, just going on therory .
I do grow elder, have never see that.